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Kicked Out of a Parents' Group for Advocating for Parents

Arlington Education Matters (AEM) is a Facebook group for parents of kids in Arlington Public Schools (Virginia). AEM has a reputation for tolerating no dissension from the leaders' opinion on any topic raised in the group. People regularly get ejected from the group for daring to disagree.

Some members of AEM long ago blocked me from their personal social media pages because I think it's a bad idea to let thirteen-year-olds demand elective, cosmetic mastectomies, and I believe that healthy kids should not be turned into lifelong pharmaceutical customers. But, as an experiment, I applied to join AEM a few months ago, and was pleasantly surprised when I was admitted.

I suspected, however, that the first time I made a contribution that didn't affirm the AEM admins' party line, I would be removed.

AEM did not disappoint.

Recently AEM group member Symone Walker, a local school board candidate, posted in AEM, encouraging people to submit criticism of Governor Youngkin's bill, which, in part, prevents schools from hiding information about children from those children's parents.

I took this opportunity to make what I expected would be my first and only contribution to the AEM "discourse." Here's what I said:

"Parents are their children's best protectors the majority of the time. Schools hiding things from parents is not okay. Separating children from their parents is what predators do, actually."

Anticipating that I would get piled on in the comments, I turned off notifications for the afternoon. The next morning I tried to go back in and see what happened, but I'd already been removed from the group .

To whit: I was kicked out of a parents' group for advocating that parents should not be kept in the dark about what's going on with their own children at school.

This is transgender ideology.


To submit your own comments on Governor Youngkin's bill to protect children (through October 26, 2022), please click here.


Maria Keffler is a co-founder of Advocates Protecting Children and the Arlington Parent Coalition. Contact Mrs. Keffler via our website or email.


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