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A Response to Trans-Rights Activists (Feel Free to Copy, Paste & Send)

Advocates Protecting Children occasionally gets nastygrams from trans-rights activists, as do all people and organizations who are fighting to protect children from the gender industry. We've created a template response that we're happy to share with anyone who needs a positive and helpful (and don't forget kind!) response to hateful people who don't know what they're talking about.


Dear [Nastygram-Sender],

Thank you for reaching out to Advocates Protecting Children to let us know that you're confused about what's best for children. We have a number of resources that can help you on your journey to understanding why we must protect children from unethical activism and corporate greed:

You may also be interested in these conversations with detransitioners who talk about how they were preyed upon by the gender industry, but escaped to health and safety:

Former "Trans Kid," Petra (Video)

Nem, a Detransitioners on the Autism Spectrum (Podcast)

Finally, this mother of a former transgender-identified child speaks to the people who preyed on her child:

Hey, “I’m Your Mom Now”: