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Life in the Public Schools: No Neutral Ground

We pulled our children from public school three years ago when it became very clear that transing kids is the order of the day in modern pedagogy. Many teachers have been taught that millions of “trans kids” are hiding their “authentic selves” because they’re terrified of their “bigoted, transphobic, and abusive” parents; therefore these teachers must ferret out all of those closeted “trans kids” because the teachers may be the only “safe space” these pitiable, terrified children have.

These kinds of teachers have been groomed into superhero complexes. They genuinely think they’re being noble saviors by teaching kids that they may not be the sex their bodies say they are, and by driving a wedge between children and their parents. But let's get back to my youngest daughter.

Her first year of homeschool was fantastic; she loved it. But then covid hit. The last two years have been hard, for a variety of reasons, and she asked recently if she could go back to public school for high school.

“I can’t send you to a public high school, and here’s why,” I told her.

“If you go to a public high school, you will be forced to agree with everything that’s on the walls, in the classes, within the books and curriculum, that the teachers say, and the other students proclaim about transgender ideology.

“You will be forced to announce your pronouns, over and over and over again.

“You will be required to call some boys ‘she’ and some girls ‘he’ and some boys and girls ‘they’ and 'ze' and 'fae' and a host of other nonsense words.

“You will have to applaud at coming-out celebrations, for transgender-identified guest speakers who regale the student body with stories about their sex and gender journeys, and when teachers and other students tell you far more about their own sexuality and gender identities than anyone ever wanted or needed to know.

“You’ll have to play the game by their rules. You’ll have to use their language. You’ll have to pretend you think it’s great when a teenager goes on a toxic cocktail of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, or when she has her breasts amputated by a cosmetic surgeon. You’ll have to agree that parents who don’t applaud these things are hateful, bigoted, and toxic. You’ll have to lie about what your family believes, or join with the cult mantra that your parents are also the worst kind of people who shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.

“If you choose not to do these things--if you choose to stand up for what you really believe--you’ll be targeted for re-education. You’ll be ‘invited’ to the GSA club. Kids will talk to you about little else, in their rabid zealotry to get you to fall in line with the cult. They will harangue and browbeat you until you capitulate.

“I know this, because this is what is happening to other kids like you.

“If you go to public school,” I told her, “You’ll either have to go along to get along, or you’ll have to be an activist for what you believe. There’s no neutral ground. You’ll be fighting a battle every day, just to be able to hold onto your conscience.”

My daughter sighed heavily. “I don’t want to be an activist.”

“And I don’t want you to have to lie,” I told her.

This is public high school in the United States of America.

My daughter won’t be going.


Maria Keffler is a co-founder of Advocates Protecting Children. Contact her via Related Topics:


S Durand
S Durand

As the parent of a kid in public schools, this is a bit of an exaggeration. Like most of the teachers in our schools, kids are going along with this b.s. because they want to be supportive -- because they've been told that if they aren't, trans kids will kill themselves. But this piece goes too far and is unnecessarily divisive. There are no coming out celebrations at schools. Kids state their pronouns if they want to. My kid identifies as trans and is hardly celebrated - they've been bullied repeatedly and are often jeered. I think it would be more helpful if we could NOT pull our kids out of schools and instead TALK to teachers and administrators abou…


Trans dogma is non-negotiable; by fallaciously positioning it as a civil rights issue, one either supports everything trans activists want, or is labeled a bigot and targeted for cancellation. This is no less true at school. We hear this over and over and over again from parents whose kids got asked their pronouns on the first day of class from multiple teachers, and from counselors who talk about school assemblies that serve as "de facto indoctrination" programs. Maybe your child's school is not at the forefront of this wave yet, but it's part of the NEA's vision and it's being tied to federally funding, so if it isn't there yet, it's on the way soon.

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