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Advocates Protecting Children

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Desist, Detrans & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult

Maria Keffler

Blindsided when a child suddenly announces a transgender identity, many parents today find their families under assault by an insidious predator: the billion-dollar gender industry. “Do you want a live son (daughter) or a dead daughter (son)?” Nearly every parent whose child has fallen into the gender industry’s clutches has heard the same emotionally manipulative threat: agree to your child’s immediate social and medical transition, or prepare for the child’s suicide. Schools, healthcare providers, politicians, and an aggressive activism machine are coercing people—and especially children—down a destructive path of medicalization in the name of transgender medicine. Caught in the maelstrom of gender identity politics, medical experimentation, and a cultural zeitgeist that paints the family as an oppressor, parents are lied to from every quarter, and told they must consent to their children’s gender transition and medicalization. But there is a different—and saner—path. 

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Parenting in a Transgender World: A Handbook
Erin Brewer

The goal of this book is to help you arm your family with skills to successfully ward off recruitment into transgender ideology, to prevent the heartbreak of seeing children reject family and friends as well the very essence of who they are.

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Transing Our Children

Erin Brewer with Maria Keffler

Children K-12 are taught that their bodies have nothing to do with their "gender identity" and that boys might really be girls and girls might actually be boys. Parents who hold biologically accurate views on sex and gender, and therefore refuse to capitulate to the medicalization of their children's healthy bodies, are undermined and vilified as "hateful, toxic, abusive, and transphobic." Teenage girls' healthy breasts and young men's healthy penises and testicles are removed in experimental procedures that irrevocably damage their sexuality and fertility. Gender therapists and doctors lie to parents and children, claiming that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are fully reversible and do no harm to young bodies and brains. Transing Children is the fruit of a deep, wide, and horror-inducing investigation into the twisted world of childhood transgenderism. Brewer and Keffler have applied their analytic and critical-thinking skills to unmask this beast of an ideology, producing this thorough and ground-breaking book.

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Gentle Leading: Meditations for Families with Transgender-Identified Children

Lanya Kachannie

Within the pages of "Gentle Leading: Meditations for Families with Transgender-Identified Children," Lanya Kachannie addresses the spiritual issues that accompany a child's sudden transgender identification. Kachannie tackles fear; grief; anger; questions about God's sovereignty, goodness, & trustworthiness; as well as leads readers on a deep dive into what the Bible has to say about personhood and God's intention for his creation.


Whether you are the parent, family member, or friend of a transgender-identified child, or simply someone who wants to understand more about the myriad spiritual implications of the transgender narrative, "Gentle Leading: Meditations for Families with Transgender-Identified Children" offers a perspective on love and truth that culminates in renewed hope and faith.

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God Created Them Male & Female: K-12 Children's Ministry Curriculum

Advocates Protecting Chidlren

Children today are bombarded with messages about embracing and participating in transgender ideology. Many schools are now teaching children as young as four years old that if their parents do not believe that a person can have the body of one sex and the mind/soul of another, then their parents are wrong, hateful, backward, bigoted, and "transphobic." Schools are directly damaging parents' relationships with their children by hiding information about children's sexuality and transgender presentation from parents. While this curriculum is by no means an exhaustive training manual to inoculate children against false ideologies, we hope that it is a place where your children's ministry program can begin to address what is happening to children at school and in the culture, and prepare children to hold to truth.

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Commonsense Care: Parenting Gender-Confused Kids with Truth & Love

Erin Brewer & Maria Keffler


Children around the nation and the world are being indoctrinated into the idea that their bodies have nothing to say about what sex they are "inside." This religious ideology is putting millions of kids on a path of lifelong medicalization, and tearing families apart as recruits of the transgender cult are told that parents who don't capitulate to all of their children's demands are "transphobic," "toxic," and "hateful."


Erin Brewer & Maria Keffler, co-founders of Advocates Protecting Children, created the Commonsense Care: Parenting Gender-Confused Kids with Truth & Love video series to help parents address various aspects of transgender ideology. These transcripts capture Brewer's & Keffler's conversations to help parents bring their children back to health and safety.

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Bartleby's Gender-Wise Coloring Book (for Adults)



Bartleby is a friend of Advocates Protecting Children, and a gender-wise artist who knows that people can't change sex and that gender is just another word for personality. Bartleby has been illustrating the harms of the gender industry since 2019. In these pages you'll find 16 black-and-white images to color, with commentary on deadnaming, "authenticity," preferred pronouns, social media influencers, the predatory practices of the gender industry, and so much more.


All profits from sales of the Bartleby Gender-Wise Coloring Book go to Advocates Protecting Children, to support their work.

Always Erin

Erin Brewer

When Erin was a very little girl, two men hurt her. She thought that she got hurt because she was a girl, and if she became a boy, she would never be hurt like that again. But with the help of some wise and supportive adults, Erin learned that hurts can happen to anyone. She learned how to love herself as a girl again, and to know that no matter what, she was Always Erin.

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