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What's Happening

Gender clinics have popped up like weeds in cities across the country. Teachers are taught in continuing education classes that they must teach gender theory and affirm children’s “gender identities.” Teachers, counselors, and therapists are often actively involved in inculcating children into gender ideology. An increasing number of states are passing legislation that prevents therapists from helping children identify the underlying causes of their gender identity issues. Children everywhere are bombarded with messages about embracing transgender ideology, and myriad "experts" encourage parents to respond to their child’s newfound identity with celebratory enthusiasm. But for those who see the harms of this dangerous ideology, shockingly few resources are available.



What's happening in schools today is not only shocking and unethical, but in many cases is simply unlawful. School boards, administrators, counselors, and teachers routinely undermine parental authority, and introduce children to sex and gender information that is not only non-factual, but is also deliberately hidden from parents.

See What's Happening in Schools

Sex & Gender Training Universal Opt-Out Letter

Keeping Your Child Safe in Public School

Social Media

The gender cult has permeated nearly every corner of society. Your child may have entered the “cult compound” at school, within a community or friend group, or from inside your own home, via endless transgender-themed rabbit holes on Tumblr, Reddit, and other myriad, unmediated social media platforms. Social media influencers are boldly doing the very thing that should terrify, infuriate, and engage parents: these transgender-identified “mentors”—who are primarily adult men pretending to be women—invite children to call them, email them, and in some cases even come live with them.

The Secret Tactics of Glitter Moms

Social Media: Is it Wrongfully Fueling a Gender Identity Crisis?



So-called "Conversion Therapy" bans prevent therapists from doing anything except encouraging children to dissociate from themselves and medicalize their bodies. 

By deeming it unethical for therapists to challenge a child’s identity, these bans imply that it is also unethical for society or even parents to question or challenge a child’s self-proclaimed "identity."

Currently the United Nations is working to ban “conversion therapy” worldwide. This international effort would make it illegal for not just healthcare providers but for any adult—including parents—to do anything other than affirm a child’s gender dysphoric feelings and move the child onto a path of medicalization.

Legislative Action (Video)

Doctors & Lawmakers Play Russian Roulette with Children

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The Gender Map

In 2010, one gender clinic existed in the United States. Today there are over 300. The Gender Mapper shows us where they are, reveals what they are doing (damaging children's healthy bodies via harmful drugs and surgeries), and is dedicated to the abolition of the gender industry.

The Gender Mapping Project

The Gender Mapper (Facebook)

Spreadsheet of Pediatric Gender Clinics' Location & Info

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