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Letter/Contract for Therapist re. Introducing Gender Ideology

Trans-rights activists have been very successful in pushing so-called "conversion therapy" bans, which prevent therapists from doing anything except putting a child on a path to medicalization as soon as the topic of gender comes up. This letter/contract asks your therapist to agree not to introduce the subject of gender during therapy, and to direct the child to discuss the subject with his or her parents, if the child brings it up.

If the therapist will not agree to this, the letter provides a list of studies that underscore the harms of gender ideology. The therapist is asked to read each one, and then indicate that having read and understood each study, s/he still intends to discuss gender ideology during therapy.

This letter/contract serves to educate therapists on the harms of gender, as well as to provide written understanding that the therapist either will or will not discuss gender with the child.

Click any of the images below to download the letter, which can be edited for your use.


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