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Desperate, Horrified Mother in Alexandria (Virginia) Needs Help

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Advocates Protecting Children frequently receives emails from parents asking for help when their kids suddenly announce a transgender identity out of the blue. These emails throb with terror, incredulity, and desperation. This morning we received one that is particularly painful to read. The mother speaks English as a second language, and her nine-year-old son is on the autism spectrum. He came home from school newly baptized in transgender ideology. Below is the text of her plea:


Hello , im terrified and I’m thankful that I found you ! I need your help on how to contact the Virginia governor and the school board .. my autistic 9 year old son came back from school on Friday and show me what the teacher read to them .. it was about pronouns and gender identity and how if you are feeling comfortable with your gender inside you can be called with the opposite! He read my face reaction but I tried not to show him any reaction ! I went to the room and watch someone reading it on YouTube ! And it’s all about sexuality and gender identity! I contacted the school on Monday and talked with the principle because the teacher was busy ... She told me that people from our area asked for it ! My son search for what does Ze mean what is non-binary ! I need to write to the school board ! Can you please help to write to the governer? English is my second language and I don’t want to write something to offense someone and they try to take my son from me ! *


*Parent's email reprinted here with permission

Her son was read the book They She He Me: Free to Be!

This book, among the scads of others in its genre, seeks to confuse children about what boys and girls, men and women, actually are. This is propaganda that indoctrinates children into transgender ideology, which has no basis in fact or reality. Please help this mother by contacting the Alexandria city school board and superintendent, as well as the governor of the state of Virginia, and tell them that indoctrinating children into transgender ideology is unacceptable.

Suggested Letter (feel free to change, edit, or compose your own):

Dear School Board Member/Superintendent/Governor: The mother of a nine-year-old autistic child discovered that her son had been indoctrinated to transgender ideology at school in the form of propaganda that has no basis in fact. The school overstepped its bounds by introducing a religious belief to a child without the consent of his parents. This is unacceptable. We demand that this school cease teaching transgender ideology to students, and issue a formal apology to this child’s parents, and the parents of every other child who was presented this material. If school boards, superintendents, and other educational leaders continue to propagate this religious cult, expect to see those leaders removed from their positions during upcoming elections. Sincerely,

(Your Name)


Thank you for helping to protect children, and for helping this mother fight back against what was done to her child and her family. Please find below the names and addresses of the Alexandria City school board members, the Alexandria Schools superintendent, and the governor of Virginia.

Alexandria City School Board:

Alexandria City Schools Superintendent: Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. Contact Form:

Governor of Virginia:


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