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Support Dr. Jennifer Morse's Broadcast on July 10th @ 5pm(ET)/4pm(CT)/3pm (MT)/2pm(PT)

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The Ruth Institute's Dr. Jennifer Morse
The Ruth Institute

Dr. Jennifer Morse of the Ruth Institute, is doing a special live broadcast of the Dr. J Show on Monday, July 10 at 4pm Central Time, discussing how to override the Louisiana governor's veto of bills to protect children from unethical policies around transgender medicalization.

Let's show our solidarity with Dr. J by chiming in supportively in the comment box during the live YouTube broadcast, which is anticipated to be roughly half an hour.

The Ruth Institute is often targeted by people who prey on children because Dr. J and her team will not back down in their defense of religious freedom and policies that protect children and families. People who hate Dr. J for what she believes in will likely be out in force, attacking her and her broadcast in the comments. Let's show them that we are as passionate about protecting children as they are about stomping over children's rights and protections.

Put July 10's broadcast at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central, 3pm Mountain, or 2pm Pacific on your calendar today, and go to:


Advocates Protecting Children supports individuals, families, churches, and organizations in navigating transgender ideology and the gender industry. Please contact us via our website or email.

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1 commentaire

Shandelle Conrad
Shandelle Conrad
09 juil. 2023

Thank you. I have been scouring and scraping the net. It seems that the University of Montreal is a big player in this, with a big team, the 'research' that is driving this machine. I am creating a data base of names. I will be posting several petitions 1 per province and perhaps one for the UN, for the October 2023 review. TBD There is a draft made already.

There is this one paper out of the Netherlands, it may be of service. Here the link. I will be sub stacking articles and news as we move along. I am a single Mom, with 3 children in their early 2'0s and a brand new 5 year old, Christopher on…

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