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Will Advocates Protecting Children Lose Its Social Media Presence?

It seems likely.

Facebook has warned that our account is "at-risk." Why? Because we dared to highlight men behaving badly in our June "Pride or Predator" meme series.

We didn't make up anything in this meme series-- we used screenshots and photos from these men's own posts and shared them to point out the predatory and violent nature inherent in some of the adherents of gender ideology. It isn't clear exactly which ones Facebook removed, but we've narrowed it down to two of these:

Are the original photos and posts these guys made still up? We're betting they are. It's not a crime, apparently, to threaten women. It's only a punishable offense if we women complain about being threatened.

We won't be surprised if we find ourselves, sooner or later, without a social media account to our name (except for maybe GETTR).

So if you like us, would you please subscribe to our website so we don't lose touch with you, and we can let you know where you CAN find us if we get Zucc'd?

We will not stop fighting to protect children, even if we have to buy our own printing press and send out fliers by pony express.


Advocates Protecting Children is a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping people, families, organizations, & churches navigate gender ideology. Please check out our new series of Public Service Announcements.


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