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This Is How It's Done (4:00 Minute Listen)

Dr. Robert Otto is a counselor in Florida who stepped up to address the Boca Raton City Council about Resolution No. 84-2022, which limited what therapists are allowed to say to clients with respect to sexual orientation and gender identity.

This kind of so-called "conversion-therapy ban" prevents therapists from doing anything except affirming a patient's sexual orientation or gender confusion. Dr. Otto sued the city over the constitutionality of such political machinations and won. (Otto v. Boca Raton)

Notice what Dr. Otto does. He focuses consistently on his issue: "My lawsuit was purely a constitutional issue--not a counseling issue, a constitutional issue." He rightly addresses the unconstitutionality of laws that restrict free speech.

Advocates Protecting Children wants to thank Dr. Otto for all he has done to protect free speech, the Constitution of the United States, and vulnerable people in counseling offices.

Original Video of the Boca Raton City Council Meeting (June 13, 2023):

Need help preparing comments to push back on damaging gender ideologies at your local city council or school board meeting? Contact Advocates for assistance.


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