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Take a Little Time, Fight the Cult

From a GC warrior in California:

SB923 Requires all medical providers and employees of Medi-Cal and all insurance policies to be indoctrinated with gender ideology and compels speech. SB107 will make California a sanctuary state for any minor to get gender interventions without parental consent as well as permit a parent to flee to CA in violation of a custody agreement to have gender interventions performed on the child. California courts take jurisdiction over the child and the custody dispute. Does any trust the California court system to do the right thing?

Every parent in every state should be opposing these bills.

The status of these bills are as follows. The appropriations committee of the assembly will decide the fate. This is where bills die. We need to stop these bills in this committee otherwise, they move to a floor vote and will likely pass with democrats running the show.

Our legislative team put in an enormous effect to fight these two bills. Now, we need your help. Please don't let our hard work go to waste. Please take an hour out of you day BEFORE AUGUST 1, 2022 and CALL each of these committee members and lodge your opposition. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE EXCEL SPREADSHEET. (note, scroll down on the spreadsheet for instructions) Please then call your local representative and lodge your opposition. Let's let them know that we are not going to let them harm another child. Find your local representative here. Find Your California Representative

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