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Law Society of British Columbia Removes Public Observers From Hearing

Biased Court Seems to Have Decided on the Matter Before the Hearing Even Commenced

Attorney Carey Linde offered his services pro-bono to Rob Hoogland, a father in Canada who was desperately trying to stop his teenage daughter from accessing irreversible transgender medical interventions without his consent. The courts not only denied Rob the right to oversee his daughter’s medical care, they also forbade him from talking about the case publicly. Rob ended up serving time in prison for violating the courts demand for his silence.

Now the courts are going after Mr. Linde for his involvement in the case.

The Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) issued two citations against Carey Linde for exercising his freedom of speech. The public was originally invited to this hearing, but then those of us who attended in order to witness the preceding were suddenly removed involuntarily. Lindsay LeBlanc, who presided over the March 12, 2022 preliminary hearing as a member of the Law Society of British Columbia’s hearing panel, unilaterally decided to remove public witnesses to the hearing.

The LSBC evidently wants the hearing, which would normally be open to the public and to media, observed only by those invited by the LSBC.

The preliminary hearing started with members of the LSBC stating their names, and in a tip of the hat to transgender ideology, their pronouns.

As a member of the public, I was astonished at Lindsay LeBlanc’s words: “I've had an opportunity to review the material that's been downloaded to the sync folder, and with respect to the material and what I've seen, I find that it is appropriate to limit the public in the hearing today.”

She went on to say that her censorship of the preliminary hearing was “to protect the interests of third-party youth.”

Mr. Linde asked for an opportunity to at least present an argument for allowing the public to attend, but was rebuffed by Ms. LeBlanc who stated, “This is my order.”

Mr. Linde made an impassioned plea, explaining that he’d never been given a reason for the hearing to be held in secret, nor had a reasonable argument been provided for kicking the attending public out of the preliminary hearing.

Ms. LeBlanc responded, “I’m not about to debate this.”

Mr. Linde entreated, “But surely you have to give a reason.”

Mr. Linde went on to say that the lack of transparency relating to the proceedings was “unacceptable,” and noted that Ms. LeBlanc had already biased herself against his case.


It is not surprising that the LSBC does not want members of the public in the preliminary hearing or the actual hearing, based on the fiasco I witnessed today. The court has clearly already sided with transgender activists before the hearing even commenced.

Mr. Linde’s prescient words to the LSBC on April 22, 2022 were fulfilled by the court’s unacceptable behavior on May 12, 2022: “You seek to deny me my rights to a fair hearing by shutting out the public.”

For more information about the case:


Erin Brewer is a co-founder of Advocates Protecting Children. Contact Dr. Brewer via our website or email.


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