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“If you accept this man as “her”, do you accept this man as her?

The issue of identifying as transgender has not been on the minds of many people until recently when a male swimmer has been dominating women’s collegiate races.

We are expected to accept any man identifying as a woman and cater to all their demands without questioning anything. If we do question or push back, we are labeled as transphobic.

What is also troublesome is when individuals or organizations accept the idea of autogynephilia (AGP) as being normal in certain instances while rejecting this notion at other times. If we accept one autogynephilic, then we must accept them all. Why is it acceptable in one instance but not in others? This goes against protecting children from the medical harms associated with affirming. In order to protect children, we cannot accept autogynephilia as normal. If you accept one but not the other, then you admit it is normal to harm children.

Is it normal for a man to dress as a woman and enter into single-sex spaces such as restrooms, locker rooms or dressing rooms where vulnerable women or children might be present? Is it normal for a man in a woman’s swim suit to swim on a women’s team or enter the locker women’s locker room? If you don’t see a difference, then you must not accept any AGP as being normal.

Not questioning this will only normalize the AGP fetish. We must stand firm by not accepting AGP as being normal. Our children will continue to be hurt unless we speak up.


Advocates Protecting Children is a non-profit (501c3) organization that helps individuals, families, churches, & organizations navigate transgender ideology.