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"God Created Them Male & Female" K-5th Grade Children's Ministry Curriculum

Advocates Protecting Children is pleased to announce the release of God Created Them Male & Female: K-5th Grade Children's Ministry Curriculum. This curriculum package is a free PDF download from our website, and will soon be available to purchase in print via Amazon.

Children today are bombarded with messages about embracing and participating in transgender ideology. Many schools are now teaching children as young as four years old that if their parents do not believe that a person can have the body of one sex and the mind/soul of another, then their parents are wrong, hateful, backward, bigoted, and "transphobic." Schools are directly damaging parents' relationships with their children by hiding information about children's sexuality and transgender presentation from parents.

For this reason, it is imperative that children be directly taught three things, preferable before they are introduced to heretical messages about personhood:

  1. God created people only as males and females.

  2. Some people don't understand this, and may say that your parents, the church, and the Bible are wrong.

  3. God created you a boy/girl.

Advocates Protecting Children has created this K-5 curriculum for use by children's ministry programs within faith-based organizations. Houses of worship have the privilege and responsibility of coming alongside parents to train children up in the knowledge and worship of God. Given the widespread deception of transgender ideology, which is even being codified in law and policy, houses of faith may be the last bastions of truth when it comes to understanding God's intentions for personhood.

While this curriculum is by no means an exhaustive training manual to inoculate children against false ideologies, we hope that it is a place where your children's ministry program can begin to address what is happening to children at school and in the culture, and prepare children to hold to truth.

Children's Ministry Curriculum Package with Covers
Download PDF • 2.83MB

Download our free God Created Them Male & Female: K-5th Grade Children's Ministry Curriculum at the link above, or from our website store.


Advocates Protecting Children is dedicated to fighting the gender industry, and especially its predation on children in the form of unethical social and medical transition for the sake of political and financial profit. We serve and support churches, schools, organizations, families, and individuals who seek facts and guidance on responding to gender ideology and activism. Contact us via our website or email.


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