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Gifts of Good Reading

Stuck for a last-minute Christmas gift? Let Advocates Protecting Children help with some gender-critical reading this holiday. Most books are available in paperback, digital, and PDF download.

Always Erin, by Erin Brewer

When Erin was a very little girl, two men hurt her. She thought that she got hurt because she was a girl, and if she became a boy, she would never be hurt like that again. But with the help of some wise and supportive adults, Erin learned that hurts can happen to anyone. She learned how to love herself as a girl again, and to know that no matter what, she was Always Erin.

Available translations: Chinese, Norwegian, Slovenian, Spanish, & Swedish

Bartleby's Gender-Wise Coloring Book for Adults

Bartleby is a friend of Advocates Protecting Children, and a gender-wise artist who knows that people can't change sex and that gender is just another word for personality. Bartleby has been illustrating the harms of the gender industry since 2019. In these pages you'll find 16 black-and-white images to color, with commentary on deadnaming, "authenticity," preferred pronouns, soc