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"Family Friendly" drag? Oxymoronic!

CNN posted a story about a cafe that was vandalized ahead of a "family friendly" drag show. Though we do not support vandalism, we do support efforts to stop children from being exposed to drag shows. Drag is adult entertainment. By its very nature it is not family friendly. In addition, it is inherently misogynistic as men dress up in "woman face" and entertain people by mocking women. It isn't any different than a cafe hosting a "family friendly" minstrel show. Minstrel shows are never appropriate let alone family friendly and neither are drag shows.

Increasingly libraries and schools are hosting drag queens, exposing children to overtly sexualized caricatures of womanhood. Doing so normalizes the objectification and sexualization of woman. It also gives children the impression that it is okay for men to appropriate womanhood. Neither of these messages are healthy.

CNN should be reporting on how transgender activists are attempting to normalized regressive-sex based stereotypes of women as sexual objects by men in drag who often overtly sexually groom children.

To be clear, preventing predatory men from accessing children is not "hate speech," it is the responsibility of every adult to protect children.

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