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March 12, 2023 is Detransition Awareness Day. Without question, the most important people in the gender movement are detransitioners. They did not ask for that responsibility, nor do they owe anyone anything — not a desperate parent, a good intentioned reporter, a film maker, a politician — no one. But we owe them all the same. We own them an unpayable debt of gratitude. Without their stories, most of the parents with children caught in the gender web wouldn’t understand what was truly happening to their child nor have any hope that their child could come out the other side. Without their stories, we wouldn’t have over 120 laws being offered (with many on their way to passage) in Republican and Democratic states to combat gender ideology in all of its forms. We likely wouldn’t have whistleblowers coming forth about both the fallacy of the Dutch model and America’s indefensible “gender affirmative care” model. It is the voices of the detransitioners that persuade legislators. Without them, we would not be moving towards compassionate and evidence-based care.

The number of members on detrans reddit ( stands at 44,200 members as of February 9, 2023, up from 38,700 in September of 2022 — an increase of more than 1,100 a month. Alongside, there have been more balanced articles that include information about detransitioners in the past year than there have been in the past decade. This means both that the numbers of detransitioners, desisters and questioners, and the interest about this harmed population is growing. Unsurprisingly, this trend matches the trajectory of children that believe that they are transgender.

Please show your support for detransitioners and desisters during the week of Sunday, March 12th:

1. HOLD A RALLY – even for an hour or so!

A. Gather your parents, friends and fellow reality believers. You don’t need a crowd to make an impact, but reach out to or We may be able to connect you with others in your area. We have crews in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin.

B. Make and display detransawareness signs and banners. We’ve got downloadable files for signs and banners that you can take to your local vendor. And find messages to use on your homemade signs.

C. Find a location. Capital buildings are great when the lawmakers are there. (The NorCal crew is headed to Sacramento on March 10th.) If your capital is too far away, pick a gender clinic, Planned Parenthood facility, City Hall, or any high-traffic area.

D. Hang a large banner from an overpass over a busy roadway.

E. Print and pass out our informative handout.

F. Photograph your event and upload your photos and videos at or email them to