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Conversation with a Brainwashed Cult Member, Annotated

A friend asked me to help engage this person, a friend of her daughter's, who commented on a Facebook post which told the story of a mother who did not affirm her daughter's gender dysphoria. This woman was angry that that the mother expressed joy over her daughter coming to accept herself as a woman.

The conversation went exactly as I expected it to, as most of these conversations go with people who have been indoctrinated into the cult of gender. I share it here to illuminate some of the very common tactics that cult members use to distract from facts and questions, and to propagate the slogans and dogma of the cult.


If you need help navigating transgender ideology, or arguing effectively with trans-rights activists and other cult members, please visit for information and resources.

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Thank you for this article. The level of emotionalistic propaganda from the trans activists is disgusting. They count on regular people not being well informed, which is actually normal because transgender (in its current interaction) is a very new condition and we’re still learning as we go

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Exactly—and it IS like they’re talking from a script. All these trans kids sound eerily alike…

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