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-Erin Friday SB 107 not only create a sanctuary state for transgender of minors, but provides that California has control over all custody disputes provided the child arrives to California. It affects all 50 states - potentially every child and parent in the nation. It is unconstitutional pursuant to: (1) the Full Faith and Credit Clause, Article IV, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution; and (2) 14th Amendment - Parents have a fundamental right to raise their children. It also erodes the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (“UCCJEA”), Interstate Compact for Juveniles (“ICJ”), and the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act (“UCEA”). 1. California medical providers will be required to ignore every out-of-state subpoena in a civil if the subpoena requests information about “gender-affirming medical treatment” or “gender-affirming mental health treatment” (collectively “GAC”) of a minor. This violates Full Faith and Credit Clause and Parental Rights. An out-of-state affirming parent can bring a minor to CA and get her child GAC and the other parent will not be able to get the records about their child. 2. California must decide the initial custody of a child seeking GAC provided that child gets to California. The precise purpose of the UCCJEA — to prevent forum shopping — is obliterated. This law is an enticement to children to run from their safeguarding parents from any state. The violated the UCCJEA and the ICJ. 3. Obtaining GAC will be considered an “emergency” equivalent to child abuse. California will re-litigate any custody agreement from out-of-state. 4. Even if a parent with no rights to the child absconds to California for GAC, California will protect that parent. Law enforcement will not help find that “kidnapped child”. The out-of-state parent will not face criminal charges or civil penalties for taking the child from the custodial parent so long as it’s for GAC.

California does not have the legal right to take control over any gender questioning child. VETO SB107.

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