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The Congregation

"I know where you live--where Satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to my name."

Revelation 2:13

Families Are Under Attack

Children and youth are being pulled into the gender cult and announcing to their parents that they are transgender or genderfluid or nonbinary.

Husbands and wives are announcing new gender identities, and demanding that their spouses participate, or leaving their spouses and children to pursue their new lifestyle.

Families are being told by "experts" that they must affirm their loved one's new gender identity, lest their husband or wife or child commit suicide.

People who realized that the brave and stunning promises of the gender cult were lies that left them psychologically, emotionally, and physically damaged are leaving the transgender community, but finding few if any resources for healing beyond it.


The Church Can Help

The church is strategically placed to be able to respond to all of these needs.

Whereas secular mental health caregivers may lose their licenses if they speak truth to these hurting individuals, thanks to so-called "conversion therapy" bans, the church still operates under First Amendment religious freedom protections, and can offer real help and healing to individuals and families who have been wounded by gender ideology.

The church may be the last and only place where hurting people can get honest and ethical help for gender identity struggles.

How do we find a godly posture on gender ideology?

What should the church's role in gender healing be?

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