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Bartleby is a friend of Advocates Protecting Children and a gender-wise artist who knows that people can't change sex and that gender is just another word for personality. Bartleby has been illustrating the harms of the gender industry since 2019. In these pages you'll find commentary on deadnaming, "authenticity," preferred pronouns, social media influencers, the predatory practices of the gender industry, and so much more.


All profits from sales of the Bartleby Gender-Wise Coloring Book go to Advocates Protecting Children, to support their work toward protecting children from unethical medicalization in the name of transgender medicine.


Take a break from your hard work pushing back on the gender activists' nefarious agenda, and spend a few hours with Bartleby and your crayons, colored pencils, or paints.


16 Black-and-White Images to Color:


  • "Gender Industry Dragon"
  • "Modern Childhood"
  • "Deadname"
  • "The Severed Breasts of Our Daughters"
  • "Transgender Umbrella"
  • "Save the Cows"
  • "Trust Me, It's Delicious"
  • "One-Trick Pony"
  • "Cafeteria Choices"
  • "Trans-Gander"
  • "Sprechen-Vous Trans?"
  • "The Influencers"
  • "My Authentic Self"
  • "In the Toilet"
  • "The Trans Train"
  • and "Detransitioner"

Bartleby's Gender-Wise Coloring Book for Adults (PDF)

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