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Tell NBC News that Only Women Menstruate

NBC News Now created the video "Degendering Periods," which includes nonsensical statements like:

"Not everyone who menstruates is a woman," and "It's not just women who menstruate."


Yes, NBC. Everyone who has a uterus and who menstruates is a woman. Yes, NBC. Only women menstruate, just like only women give birth. Stop reporting this unscientific, religious nonsense about gender identity, and go back to reporting on reality. You are losing viewers.


Please contact NBC and tell them that you have had enough. You can copy the statement above or write your own and send it to:

To submit feedback/report an error:

Senior V.P., Global Digital News: Catherine Kim /

Executive Editor: Tom Namako /

NBC Health News Editor:


Advocates Protecting Children supports individuals, families, churches, and organizations in navigating transgender ideology and the gender industry. Please contact us via our website or email.

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