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Tell Fox News to Retract & Apologize for Their Report Promoting Dangerous Transgender Ideology

Please copy any or all of the statement below, or write your own response to Fox News, and submit it via: Twitter: @foxnews Facebook: FOX's Contact Form (Select: Submit a Request >> Request a correction or clarification to a story):


In his June 10th, 2022 story, Bryan Llenas reported on a child named Ryland Whittington in his story, “California transgender teen, family hope to be an inspiration to others.

It is unconscionable for your station to air a story filled with dangerous ideological propaganda suggesting that children can be born in the wrong body. Parents of children with gender dysphoria are often bullied into accepting a child’s transgender identity, rather than exploring the underlying causes of the child’s dissociative feelings because of the emotionally manipulative statements like Ryland’s mother made: “I'd rather have a living son than a dead daughter.”

It was also stunning that Llenas made the claim, “At a time when transgender issues have been politicized, people are afraid of what they do not understand.”

Those of us who are working to protect children from medical transitioning understand all too well the dangers of these experimental interventions. It is unfortunate your reporters don’t, and that they are complicit in perpetuating the transgender ideology, which causes lifelong damage to otherwise healthy children’s bodies, including loss of sexual function and infertility.

All of your reporters should be familiar with the research prior to reporting on these issues:

  • The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare released Updated recommendations for hormone therapy for gender dysphoria in young people. After a review of the literature on the safety and effectiveness of hormone treatments, the Board concluded “…that the risks of anti-puberty and sex-confirming hormone treatment for those under 18 currently outweigh the benefits for the group as a whole.” Sweden is ranked as the most LGBTQ friendly country in the world by the LGBTQ+ Danger Index, so this updated recommendation was not likely the work of right-wing political forces.

  • In 2020, the Finnish Health Authority issued new guidelines stating that “…psychotherapy, rather than puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, should be the first-line treatment for gender-dysphoric youth. This change occurred following a systematic evidence review, which found the body of evidence for pediatric transition inconclusive.”

  • In 2019, Britain’s Royal College of General Practitioners issued a position statement saying, “There is a significant lack of robust, comprehensive evidence around the outcomes, side effects and unintended consequences of such treatment [i.e. puberty blockers and cross sex hormones] for people with gender dysphoria, particularly children and young people, which prevents GPs from helping patients and their families in making an informed decision.”

  • “In 2021, the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published a systematic review of evidence of using puberty blockers (GnRH analogues) to treat gender dysphoria. The review failed to find convincing evidence that puberty blockers are helpful (it reached a similar conclusion for cross-sex hormones for youth).”

  • The BBC recently asked Professor Carl Heneghan, Editor in Chief of the British Medical Journal and director of the Centre of Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford and Professor Tom Jefferson, a clinical epidemiologist, to conduct an independent analysis of the most recent research on transgender medical interventions. Heneghan says, “The quality of evidence in this area is terrible.” Regarding the evidence available on the safety of puberty blockers, he says, “You can tell very little apart from they give you the intended effects of suppressing and blocking puberty.”

It is unconscionable that your station is reporting what can only be described as a religious belief system as if it is factual.

Your station owes the public a retraction of this story and an apology.

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