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Join Advocates Protecting Children in participating in Detransition Awareness Day

Detransition Awareness Day is March 12, 2022. A group of parents and detransitioners put together a website, It has testimonials from some detransitioners as well as therapists on its Youtube Channel, videos on the tik-tok channel, and it also has a guide on how to hold an event to spotlight the detrans cause.

This group is trying to get the press to acknowledge the detrans community. They want to get photographs or videos from 50+ representative towns or cities. This could be as simple as holding a sign and snapping a picture, writing out Detrans Awareness Day on a Starbucks cup, chalking it on a sidewalk or blacktop, or even putting together a gathering. Examples can be seen on the website.

Laura Becker, a detransitioner, designed some awesome T-Shirts.

We need photos and videos from 50+ different cities for Detrans Awareness Day. You can do it before March 12 anywhere. You don't have to show your face to show your support. Please participate as we need to get the word out about this growing population. Light a candle, make a sign, show that you care about these people who might just be the key to knocking down this house of cards. Please upload your photos or videos at Let's show our support for the detransitioners.

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