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Fighting For My Child

Unfortunately, I cannot use my real name or reveal any details that would jeopardize the privacy of my child or our family. I will do whatever I possibly can in order to help save one child from the grips of the transgender ideology.

I got dragged into the world of activism kicking and screaming in hopes of someday saving my adult child from the transgender cult. Our nightmare began while my child was still in college. I fell on my knees and broke down in tears upon hearing the dreaded words “I’m transgender.” I love my child and I always will not matter what.

My child’s narrative sounds exactly like countless others. Childhood history was rewritten, memories forgotten, childhood trauma/mental health history was ignored. Quick and uniformed consent to get prescribed cross-sex hormones and have harmful irreversible surgery became the goal.

I heard the same things over and over including our "child was born in the wrong body", we must affirm this new identity to prevent suicide, “Do you want a live daughter or a dead son?/Do you want a live son or a dead daughter?"

In early 2018, as I sat in legislators’ offices in Washington DC trying to educate young staff members of the unintended consequences of the Equality Act, I came to tears as I listened to other parents read their children’s stories. These staff members had no idea what gender identity or identifying as transgender really meant until we made it personal by asking “What if this was your brother/sister, niece/nephew or cousin who wanted to make irreversible life-altering changes to their bodies?”

I have been called anti-trans, trans-phobic, hateful and angry by a so-called expert therapist. This same therapist ignored my child’s past trauma and history of depression all the while ignoring the root cause of self-diagnosed gender dysphoria.

The current woke culture causes people to believe that we must accept and affirm someone who identifies as transgender, without any questions, in order to show we are compassionate. Why would I lie to my child by using a wrong name or wrong pronouns?

In the past, I have been a part of two outstanding organizations that each had their own mission in fighting the transgender ideology. Soon it became clear that individuals and organizations (including churches and schools) need to be educated about the harms caused by the gender industry, especially to children. That is why we formed APC. I hope you will join me in my fight.

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