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Dark Money

After testifying recently at a hearing in Missouri, an angry woman confronted me, demanding, “How much do they pay you for that performance?”

I was stunned.

I have had lots of trans activists get in my face, calling me things like “cunt” and “bitch” and of course “TERF,” but this was the first time anyone ever suggested that I was paid to “perform.”

I looked at her and said quietly, “I don’t get paid. In fact, I have to take time off work to do this. I lose money every time I testify.”

This was clearly not the response she wanted, and she advanced toward me. Fortunately, people moved between us to shield me from her vitriol.

I thought about this while reading a statement submitted by Dr. Rosenthal, medical director of UCLA’s Child and Adolescent Gender Center, in support of an injunction against Alabama’s SAFE ACT (legislation to stop the medical transitioning of children). Rosenthal acknowledged, “I will be compensated with a day rate (6 hours) of $2,100 for deposition and trial testimony.”

Dr. Rosenthal makes in six hours of testimony about what I make working 40 hours a week for three weeks.

Trans activists consistently paint those who disagree with them as a well-funded, well-organized machine. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In a recent webinar pushing the transgender ideology, hosted by Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), Alison Macklin, the SIECUS Director of Advocacy and Policy said, “We know that there's lots of organizations, coalitions, large donors with lots of money going into this Christian nationalist movement.”

Kristin Penner, a research fellow for The African American Policy Forum, said that those of us fighting the transgender ideology are a network of organizations being funded with millions of dollars “designed to manufacture social change.”

Chris Harley of SIECUS wondered if we were being funded with “dark money” from a “right wing conspiracy.”

Maria Keffler, Mae Lyle, and I often wonder if our check has been lost in the mail.