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Holiday Gift Ideas for Transgender-Identified Kids

One of the questions that often surfaces in groups for parents who are not on board with gender ideology is, “What do I buy my child?” for his or her birthday or Christmas gifts. Parents don’t want to buy something associated with gender-role stereotypes, and they know that if their gift appears to suggest in any way that they aren’t affirming the child’s chosen gender-role stereotype, wrath will ensue.

The moms at Advocates Protecting Children put their heads together to come up with some non-gendered gift ideas for your holiday safety and peace of mind.*

An Electric Blanket ($46.99)

Boys and girls, men and women, all want to stay toasty during these cold winter days. Wrap your child up with a fuzzy electric blanket in a gender-neutral color like beige or chocolate.

Wooden Puzzle Box with Hidden Compartments ($64.48)