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Holiday Gift Ideas for Transgender-Identified Kids

One of the questions that often surfaces in groups for parents who are not on board with gender ideology is, “What do I buy my child?” for his or her birthday or Christmas gifts. Parents don’t want to buy something associated with gender-role stereotypes, and they know that if their gift appears to suggest in any way that they aren’t affirming the child’s chosen gender-role stereotype, wrath will ensue.

The moms at Advocates Protecting Children put their heads together to come up with some non-gendered gift ideas for your holiday safety and peace of mind.*

An Electric Blanket ($46.99)

Boys and girls, men and women, all want to stay toasty during these cold winter days. Wrap your child up with a fuzzy electric blanket in a gender-neutral color like beige or chocolate.

Wooden Puzzle Box with Hidden Compartments ($64.48)

This brain teaser of a box contains two secret compartments where small gifts or notes can be hidden.

Adulting 101 (3 Books, $10.29-$14.99)

These highly rated books cover basic life skills that are often left out of traditional education.

Some Good Fiction ($13.98/book)

The Drawn Series is a reader-loved three-book YA novel set, written by one of the Advocates Protecting Children team.

Juliet, an eighth grade artistic prodigy, just wants to get through the school year with as little social torture as possible. But then she discovers that the things she draws have begun to come true. But it’s not just for girls—there are motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other boy stuff as well. Your child will not be able to cry foul on you for picking out something too girly or too boyish with this series.


Everyone loves food, and there are some fantastic gift boxes and baskets that are perfect for teens and young adults.

Snack Box Variety Pack ($24.95)

Biscotti Gift Box ($33.89)

Grand Gourmet Gift Basket ($64.95)

Mini Fridge ($54.99)

What kid wouldn’t like to have a personal refrigerator to keep cold drinks and snacks handy, right next to the bed?

Inflatable Lounge Chair ($42.98)

Great for the bedroom, backyard, pool, or camping, an inflatable chair is functional and gender-non-specific. (We recommend orange or black for the least chance of gender accusations.)

Puzzles & Projects to Build

Wooden Sailing Ship ($19.99)

Wooden Marble-Run Puzzle ($45.99)

Microworld Beijing Temple ($69.99)

Grocery Store, Restaurant, or Specialty Store (e.g., PetSmart) Gift Card for Adult Kids

You can’t really go wrong with gift cards, especially for adult kids that are hard to buy for. Some parents are adamant about not giving cards to places where the child can purchase transgender paraphernalia like opposite-sex clothing or binders/packers.


We know that the holidays can be fraught with opportunities for angst when dealing with a transgender-identified child. We hope that this shopping guide may help alleviate some of the struggle.

Happiest of holidays from all of us at Advocates Protecting Children!

*Advocates Protecting Children is receiving no financial benefit for recommending any of these products.

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