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Support the SAFE (Save Adolescents from Medical Experimentation) Act

Donate to Advocates Protecting Children to send resources to the SAFE Act's sponsors:

Representatives Click & Grendell, in the Ohio state legislature, are sponsoring a bill to protect children from medical experimentation by the gender industry. The bill is in committee right now, and the hearings will take place in March.

Advocates Protecting Children wants to send Resource Packets to all 25 sponsors of the bill, to arm them with the facts, data, and resources to help them nail their positions in arguments about why it is imperative to pass this bill to protect children.

Packets include:

Transing Our Children by Erin Brewer with Maria Keffler (Book) [$5.00 Print Cost] Desist, Detrans & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult by Maria Keffler (Book) [$5.00 Print Cost] Always Erin by Erin Brewer (Children's Book) [$5.00 Print Cost] Resource List (4-Page Brochure) [$3.60 Print Cost]

Postcards & Stickers [Cost Varies] Shipping Cost: $5.00


134th General Assembly

Regular SessionH. B.

No. 454


Representatives Click, Grendell

Cosponsors: Representatives Kick, Merrin, Young, B., Young, T., Creech, John, Bird, Powell, Fowler Arthur, Hall, Holmes, eltwanger, Wiggam, Ferguson, Dean, Koehler, Johnson, McClain, Gross, Jordan, Loychik, Hoops, Stoltzfus

To enact sections 3129.01, 3129.02, 3129.03, 3129.04, 3129.05, 3129.06, 3129.07, and 3129.08 of the Revised Code to prohibit certain

procedures to alter a minor child's sex and to designate this act as the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act.

Read more about this bill:


Donate to Advocates Protecting Children's Resource Packets for SAFE Act Fundraiser:


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