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An Angry Father's Letter to the Superintendent about Sexual Grooming at School

When Ashland High School (OR) started a Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) club, whose activities meet all the requirements to be recognized as sexual grooming of children, Christopher Moreno sent this letter to the Ashland School District superintendent and school board. Below his letter is the school board's dismissive, one-sentence "response."


From: Christopher Moreno<>

Date: Mon, Jan 3, 2022 at 5:51 PM

Subject: Ashland High School, Child Grooming for Sex Abuse, And Gender Omertà

Mr. Bognadove,

Good morning. I'm hoping the New Year finds you well. Unfortunately, I am in the unenviable position of bringing to your attention the severe legal liabilities you and your staff have created for our school district. Doubtless you remember my wife's earlier letter concerning your staff at Ashland High School who've taken it upon themselves to act as gender pimps to our community's children. Jennifer deemed your return correspondence to be "non-responsive" but in my reading it's both dismissive and reckless. Perhaps the video links were just too on-the-nose. I'll admit, witnessing what the school board and administration allowed to happen in Spreckels, CA was terrifying. You watched, no?

I am a former paralegal for the Oregon Department of Justice, Child Advocacy Section in Medford, Oregon. My job was to review case records and prepare court proceedings for the termination of the parental rights of those predatory adults who are unwilling to protect children in their charge. I assembled evidence of wrongdoing and violations of Oregon criminal statutes concerning the rights of children. The duties and responsibilities of parents, caregiving adults, and mandatory reporters are all within my academic training and practical experience.

Imagine my surprise when the Rogue News (AHS Newspaper) issue of Dec 13, 2021 revealed that you have allowed a club on campus who, in the name of fighting discrimination and "facilitating inclusivity at AHS" is directly participating in the grooming of children into gender ideology and Queer Theory. I use the term "grooming" because that is exactly what is occurring on your watch. Grooming is a deliberate process by which offenders gradually initiate and maintain sexual relationships with victims in secrecy. Grooming allows offenders to slowly overcome natural boundaries long before sexual abuse occurs.

The various literature on the steps involved in grooming is so widespread that you should not be a superintendent of a school district without knowing of them. Grooming always starts with identifying/selecting targets (QSA Club), isolating them from support via social manipulation, maintaining secrecy about the sexual nature of the relationship, and then progresses to abuse.

While this QSA may (I'm not convinced) have been started by students, there absolutely are adults involved, and those adults are showing an inappropriate interest in the sexualized identities of these young children. Make no mistake, these queer identities are just as sexualized as any other teenage preoccupation. The adults-in-the-room know this, and any of your faculty that expresses interest in the sex lives of children under their charge must immediately be interrogated as to why they feel the need to guide children on a particular sexual path, queer or straight. How this comports with these staff members' expertise, training, and mandate is a mystery to me. What is not a mystery to me is that you have been informed in writing and been supplied with video evidence about what the teachers in Spreckels, CA have brought upon their school districts by deceiving parents about the nature of these clubs. These clubs, far from preventing bullying and fostering inclusiveness, positively identify targets to groom. You and the school board will need to come to grips with what your teachers are doing. Start by searching about Spreckels, CA or Loudoun County, VA.

I digress, however. You and I both know the real harm that your staff are committing is centered around the gender omertà created in order to deceive parents about the gender ideology (postmodern idealism) you're feeding our children. Your gender omertà directly violates my rights and duties to my child. My wife and I are the only human beings on earth with the rights to obtain, maintain, or release medical information about our child. Your school district, in their gender omertà demonstrates mens rea (guilty intent) with your insistence that it has the right to withhold information about my child's psychological state (which is what gender identity is, a mental state.) Further, your school district is harming children by coaching them into accepting bodily dissociation via a socially-cultivated gender identity disorder. So, to reiterate, you are harming children by inducing an identity disorder, telling kids that it's "normal", and also telling them that you'll lie to their parents in order to keep the secret you groomed them for. It sounds a lot more complex than it really is: it's just child grooming to people who know what the signs are.

Reading the Oregon transgender guidelines reminded me how painfully stupid, unscientific, and ahistorical this movement is. It claims that gendered identities are innate. If that's the truth then why didn't you grow up with one, Bognadove? Why didn't I? Why didn't anyone over the age of 25? Because they are a product of a recent ideological shift spearheaded by corporate marketing firms in search of new patients. It's obvious that medicalization of our youth is a huge goal of these frankensteinian surgeons, hormone peddlers, and their gender pimps in academia and the mass media. Trans is a marketing campaign for harmful scientific experimentation that would make Mengele blush.

Gender identities are not innate to humanity at-large, like bipedal locomotion or stereoscopic vision are. They are culturally-bound expressions, which is why the hijras of India, the fa'afafine of Samoa, and the muxes of Mexico are all culturally significant, discrete, and unique to their own lands. To state that "gender is innate" is utter ignorance of the world, its peoples, and its cultures. You can't take an autogynephile from Brooklyn, plop him down among the hijras in Calcutta and expect a seamless assimilation just because you perceive a superficial link between cross-dressing males of vastly different cultures.

Gender is absolutely culturally-created, why would anyone deny this? Because the denial itself is a crucial element of gender ideology. Now the gender omertà you're enforcing makes sense. In this light, it's plain to see that adult sexual expression is being sold to parents as "innate" to cover up for the highly sexualized nature of cross-sex ideation. If kids can be trans, this ideology asserts, then cross-dressing, autogynephilia, and other adult sexualized paraphilias are stripped of their sexualized nature, and thereby rendered innocent, harmless, and ripe for inclusion. This unscientific postmodern deconstruction of harmful sexual paraphilias has already allowed male sex predators to gain access to vulnerable women in many US correctional facilities.

Just to recap this first bit: your school district is violating my rights as a parent by withholding information about my child's health. You have staff that are engaged in inappropriate behavior by grooming children and pimping gender ideology. Gender is cultural, not innate.

Another thing about gender identities that your school administrators should know, but apparently don't: psychologists have uncovered incontrovertible links between gender identities (identity dissociation from biological sex) and child sex abuse. So when you have students presenting as dissociated, are your gung-ho staff investigating the possibility that children have suffered sex abuse? They should be.

If I, a child-protection advocate, know that sex abuse can create a myriad of dissociative disorders in children, why aren't your staff aware of this? Why, instead, are you taking a child who is presenting as dissociative, "affirming" that dissociation, and then hiding that dissociation from their parents? Every child that presents as dissociative needs to have an intervention to determine the possibility of sex abuse. Instead, you have directed your staff to treat parents such as myself with the presumption that we are the abusers and to deceive us.

You should be going after the parents who think it's appropriate to dose their kids with Lupron and schedule double mastectomies for 15-year-old girls, not the ones who won't.

Shame on you.

Even worse, this entire situation was created by personal choice. You were not asked by parents to do this. The transgender guidelines you choose to operate under bear no force of law. These guidelines even state that there is a requirement (lawful, mandatory, something that MUST happen) to inform parents, but that your schools choose to "balance" this legal requirement with a "goal to support students." There's your confession. Your "goal" is entirely self-appointed, it bears no force of law, and it conflicts with parents' long-established legal rights to make medical decisions for, and obtain medical information about, our children.

We were using those rights, Bognadove! You and your staff may not deny their existence, ignore them, circumvent them, undermine them, or abridge them. Nor may you or your staff arrogate or transfer our parental rights to yourselves.

Nor are schools allowed to construct a legal fiction granting themselves novel rights or privileges. Did schools presume they could get away with constructing a novel form of medical privilege that parallels, or even trumps, the authority that parents have? It takes acts of congress and federal jurisprudence to inform legal privileges like confidentiality, Bognadove. That's probably what's going to land the school district in court: this pretense that schools can keep information from parents because of a privilege (confidentiality) they granted themselves through "guidelines" that bear no legislative intent and have survived no judicial review.

Further, your "goal to support students" is the most hollow, self-aggrandizing claptrap I could imagine. Support? How? Are you paying for the mastectomies? The hormones? Psychological counseling? The detransition costs? Have you even heard of detransitioners, Bognadove? If not, then how do you propose supporting the 94% of trans identified children that desist from their trans identities after puberty completes? This "goal to support students" is a flag you've wrapped around yourselves. How do you suppose this self-set "goal" will fare in court, squaring off against 100 years of family law jurisprudence?

Regardless, I will not forget the obscene personal insult of your schools telling me and my wife that you're the ones supporting our children, as you grease the skids for a lifetime of dependency on pharmaceutical and surgical interventions.

You and the School Board ought to do a great deal of thinking about where this is all leading. If there's even a lick of sense among you then you'll immediately stand down with this gender-pimping, adopt a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about gender identities, and stop cultivating and "affirming" body dissociation. Then, call in the teachers involved and have them explain their prurient interest in teenage sexual identities. Finally, you can investigate the legal guardians of these dissociative-presenting kids to determine whether or not there is sex abuse that your staff missed and perhaps misdiagnosed as a "glitter soul." A failure to do the above represents a failure to implement the most basic safeguarding.

The parents who take issue with your schools as they groom our kids for body dissociation and enforce gender omertà are not the villains here. Your staff and institutions have abandoned good sense and have declared that you are intent on breaking the law and violating our rights for the appearance of inclusivity.

One final super-easy question: why do you think schools are required to obtain parental permission for the dispensation of aspirin or ibuprofen to our children?

In all seriousness,

CR "Mo" Moreno Parent of a child in ASD Paralegal, former ChAS,OR-DOJ Ashland, Oregon


From: Eva Skuratowicz <> Date: 1/3/22 7:59 PM (GMT-08:00) To: Christopher Moreno <>, Samuel Bogdanove <>, Jacqueline Schad <> Cc:,,, Benjamin Bell <>, Erika Bare <>, Serena Robinson <>, Jill Franko <>,, Sabrina Prud'homme <Sabrina.Prud'>, Rebecca Dyson <> Subject: Re: Ashland High School, Child Grooming for Sex Abuse, And Gender Omertà

Dear Christopher Moreno,

The Ashland School Board is in full support of the Queer Straight Alliance at Ashland High School.

Sincerely, Eva Skuratowicz, Ph.D. Ashland School Board Chair she/hers The Board Chair responds to emails sent to the full School Board. School Board members only deliberate when gathered as a quorum as outlined in the Public Meeting Law. To assure that Board conversations and deliberations do not occur on email, the Board Chair will respond on behalf of the Board. All Board members receive communications that come from the community and the response given by the Board Chair. Following the communication from the Board Chair, other Board members may also respond.


Advocates Protecting Children encourages all people whose local school hosts a QSA/GSA/Equality/Spectrum club to send a letter to your superintendent and school board, letting them know that sexual grooming of children and indoctrination into transgender ideology is not acceptable. Any part of the above letter from Christopher Moreno may be copied for your use, but please take care to replace identifying information such as names and school districts with your own, as necessary.

If Advocates Protecting Children can be of any help to you as you navigate the treacherous terrain of transgender ideology, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our website or email.

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Miller Harper
Miller Harper
10 feb. 2022

The brilliance of Mr. Moreno's letter allows me the hope that more parents will have the courage to stand up against district wide sanctioned child abuse in the guise of inclusivity.

Răspunde utilizatorului

Yes, that's our hope too. And the child abuse isn't just sanctioned, it's codified and demanded, isn't it?

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